The Millesimato Classic Method

Historical brand of great value born in 1964 thanks to five Trentino winemakers

United by a profound knowledge of all aspects of oenology, they decided to combine their passion and their skills in the sparkling wine sector to make this classic method sparkling wine among the most famous and prestigious on the national scene, born in 1964.

The name alludes to the five founding friends who are represented in the sparkling wine’s emblem by five vine leaves, very similar to five stars.

The production method of Equipe 5, a classic method sparkling wine, involves the use of noble vines (Chardonnay and Pinot Nero) and the refermentation in the bottle.

Equipe 5 is a vintage sparkling wine that guarantees the vintage of production of the grapes and the period of aging in bottle which, in the case of Equipe 5, is always over 36 months.