"Bottled emotions, impossible to forget"

Those who untie a bottle of Lessini Durello DOC always find a fresh, enjoyable and full of sparkling wine

The two types in which it is produced make it a sparkling wine suitable for the most different occasions and choosing well is not difficult: Lessini Durello DOC Charmat method if you seek more softness and a more fresh and bright aromatic framework, or Lessini Durello DOC Classic Method if you it requires an important structure and more complex aromatic impressions to the wine.

With an aroma reminiscent of citron and yellow grapefruit, great minerality typical of volcanic terroir wines and a characteristic tannic consistency, truly unique among white wines, which makes its perlage particularly appetizing.

A unique sparkling wine by nature designed exclusively for qualified wine-tasting.

Brand young and of great appeal, embodies the essence of Lessini Durello, according to our particular interpretation: a lively and glamorous bubble, fresh and unmistakable.