Veritable enological jewels of the Veronese tradition

Rocca Sveva wines represent a small, highly sought after production.

The Rocca Sveva Winery, located in the shadow of the majestic Soave castle, just behind the ancient walls, is a medieval village that Cantina di Soave has transformed into a center of excellence in wine.

Here our traditional wines are born with the appellation of Origin: Soave, Valpolicella and Garda.

Rocca Sveva is also emotion, the one experienced when visiting the cellars, among huge oak barrels, long rows of barriques where the wines rest for long years: it is a real miniature underground town.

The pursuit of excellence starts from the ground: the grapes that will become Rocca Sveva wines are cultivated in the hilly area east of Verona, a territory that has always been vocated.


The harvest is done exclusively by hand to ensure that each bunch harvested has reached perfect ripeness.

The times and methods for the harvesting, selection and processing of the grapes are periodically followed by our agronomists to obtain the maximum in terms of typicality and quality from breeding.

This is how our wines are born, it only remains to taste them.

By tasting the Rocca Sveva wines what you perceive is the typicality, the cleanliness, the finesse and the balance that distinguishes every wine.